Five things I’ve learned about community work during COVID-19

Michal Bar, IsraAID’s Head of Emergency Response, reflects on the uniqueness of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on international humanitarian work.

Michal (right) during IsraAID’s response to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, 2019. Photo by Daniel Tchetchik

What drives me is the human interaction in each community. They teach me everything I need to know

We’ve never needed to respond to an emergency of this scale or spread.

1. Doubling down on local capacities

2. Cross-cutting learning

IsraAID’s team distributing resilience kits in Guatemala

3. Cultivating innovative thinking and solutions

Our programs were built on the basic assumption of human contact

4. Disasters continue to happen — and we have to keep responding

5. The pandemic exacerbates existing vulnerabilities: access is key

Michal Bar is IsraAID’s Head of Emergency Response

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